Welcome to My Credit Plan!

With our tools, we can help you improve your credit rating and realize greater savings. My Credit Plan is a one-of-a-kind program never offered before by any company or anywhere else online. Take a few minutes to discover which of our tools will work best for you. When you enroll, you will be on your way to a better financial future!


Do you know your true credit scores? Score Tracker provides two distinct tools that will help you track your three true scores and provide real feedback. Since most loans and insurance premiums are credit score driven, Score Tracker notifies you when you could qualify for additional savings.


Score Analyzer is a unique program that breaks down and grades your credit information on almost three-dozen credit score measurements. You can discover strengths and uncover issues that hurt your true credit scores, and learn how to fix them in a fast, efficient manner.


Score Planner is our most powerful tool. Tired of hearing, “Make payments on time and reduce your debt.” Score Planner breaks down your accounts to identify a specific plan-of-action. It will personalize your credit report and help you know what accounts you should keep open, what accounts you should close, what accounts may be missing and more. This tool will provide your road map to higher scores.

Real People, Real Results

"The Road to 850 turned from fear into action. I am currently paying down my debts and feeling less anxiety. Myself and two other lady friends signed up and now have created our own 850 club; one for support, another to stay on top of our mission for better credit scores. Certain life situations placed us all in debt. Now we will be on the rise. Thank you so much for your inspiration and such a solid path to follow." Melinda F. Phoenix, AZ