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Many lenders advertise that they offer “Credit Builder loans”. This is just a blatantly false advertisement. The sole purpose is to get you to open a credit card or take out a loan with them. Don't do it. I'll explain why.


This past weekend when no one was looking, the U.S. Treasury revealed how much in interest the government is paying on the ballooning national debt. With higher interest rates, the numbers were eye-popping. It will have the some of the following repercussions going forward for all Americans.


Over the last 18 months, interest rates have taken a hard hike higher evaporating the dreams of many. The question is asked, when will interest rates decline? There are some indicators to give everyone some ideas.


The Biden administration is trying to eliminate medical debt from your credit report. Is it true? There are many players in this and it will yet to be determined if that will be true. What will happen to the medical service providers? Will they be willing to provide services and not have an avenue to collect payment? That is a very good question.


Over the last several years, there has been a substantial movement to allow consumers to miss payments, judgments and tax liens deleted form their report. Two states have now passed laws that create an unfair and uneven assessment with consumer credit reports. What is fairness? That some are treated one way and others are treated another way? That is unamerican.


The credit repair industry just took a big hit. It is very doubtful you will be hearing about credit repair. With the two largest credit repair companies fined billions this week, the credit repair business is facing a big reckoning. What happened?


In an effort to address the inflation problems, the Federal Reserve has been on a march to higher interest rates. This powerful counter action over the last year has had unintended consequences and has lead to a housing deficit. It is impacting millions across the country and will take a generation to resolve unless the Federal Reserve takes some counter actions.


It seems like year after year, auto, home and other insurance premiums keep going up. How can you fight back and lower your insurance premiums? There are a few steps to follow to try and lower the pain.


The housing market has been going through a substantial reset in most parts of the country over the last year. With interest rates high, is this a good time to purchase a home?