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My Credit Plan blog is operated by Family Financial Education Foundation (a 501 (c) (3) non-credit counseling agency) and is managed by Al Bingham, a leading national expert on credit, credit reports and FICO® scores. You will find through this blog many insights not found anywhere else. Al has written two books on FICO scores and serves as a credit score expert on many court cases - including several with national implications. My Credit Plan is the best resource to find the answers to many credit and finance questions. Unfortunately, there are many different answers to many common credit questions that are regurgitated from one person to another. No more! My Credit Plan's blog and website are designed to help you find answers to many questions and identify solutions to improve your credit scores. My Credit Plan has a success rate over 90% with an average best score improvement of 73 points! Start Your credit score journey today at No other program comes remotely close to the success of My Credit Plan.


There are many credit score models available to consumers that provide different credit assessments (or numbers) based on the same credit information. How does that happen?


John failed to follow, let alone improve his FICO® scores. When unforeseen expenses came, he refinance his mortgage and paid off some debts. However, he paid a really high cost for not taking the time to improve his mid-600 credit scores.


Know what is the best credit account to open for a 18 year old? Know how the balance is determined on the utilization ratio? How long does a hard inquiry impact a credit score? Find expanded explanations to these questions and more.


The article gives some basic outlines that gives tips to improves scores. However, when a reporter states, "Experts typically recommend...", there is no first-hand knowledge or research on the subject. This one internet suggestion has gone everywhere and is absolutely incorrect about your credit card utilization ratio. Find out what this common suggestion is.

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Brian increased his FICO® credit score an amazing 111 points in just three months. He is now a homeowner as he gives credit to My Credit Plan and what it did to help him. My Credit Plan has lots of amazing stories with great results. Brian is one of them. To improve your FICO Scores, go to


Many new homebuyers have little-to-no understanding how FICO scores will determine monthly payments and ultimately, your purchasing power. This is so critical for new homebuyers to check your FICO scores and identify solutions to improve them before looking for a new home.


Nathan Grant from Credit Card Insider says that closing a credit card will lower FICO credit scores. Say What!?! This is actually a strategy I use quite often to raise a consumer's FICO scores. He points out that there is a lot of misinformation, but he fails to realize, he is the one generating the misinformation by telling people to not close a credit card account.


There is a lot of misinformation about credit and finances. A story generated by a recent study from Lending Tree shows that consumer's scores drop when they purchase a home and take out a mortgage. This is absolutely incorrect! Have to call out this one.

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Follow those free online credit scores at your own financial peril. Such scores are different from the lender's FICO® scores and can cost you lots of money. Curtis found out the hard way.