By improving their Classic FICO Credit Scores, many of our clients are saving thousands of dollars each year by improving their purchasing power and lowering their interest rates.

1. My Credit Plan's Results!

Credit repair companies have very low success rates. Lenders' program averages 27 points in improvement.

My Credit Plan has a success rate over 90% with an average best FICO score improvement of 73 points!

2. 360° Plan-of-Action

Other programs only address a few issues. Credit repair companies only address negative marks.

My Credit Plan looks at dozens of issues and identifies solutions to improve your FICO scores!

3. Know Your Lender's Credit Scores

Follow the progress of your lender's Classic FICO® Scores. Used by all mortgage lenders and most credit card and auto lenders.

As a certified counselor, FFEF and My Credit Plan are allowed to provide your 3 Classic FICO Scores so you are in the know.

My Credit Plan has an unprecedented success rate over 90% with an amazing average FICO ® score improvement of 73 points!