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My Credit Plan is a program of Family Financial Education Foundation Education Foundation (FFEF).

Family Financial Education Foundation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing educational information to the general public on budgeting, personal finance, financial literacy, saving and spending practices, credit score improvement, and the sound use of consumer credit, and assists individuals and families with financial problems by providing them with counseling, debt management services or a combination of both.

The Foundation's experienced certified credit counselors are devoted to assisting clients resolve their financial difficulties by providing them the necessary education, guidance, money management tools, and the appropriate debt management service necessary to help clients become and continue to be financially successful.

Call and talk to one of our certified credit counselors and find out how we can help you find financial peace!

No. Credit repair companies are for-profit businesses that repeatedly send ongoing dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus. They request the credit bureaus to remove negative account items on a person's credit report regardless of their legitimacy or accuracy. Traditional credit repair is reactionary.

My Credit Plan is a proactive forward-looking program providing solutions to complex credit score issues. Rather than simply disputing negative credit items, whether correct or not, our clients will achieve better long-term results by following a personalized plan-of-action. By utilizing My Credit Plan, FFEF teaches clients to engage the processes to enhance their credit.