MaxScores Technology

MaxScores Technology is Amazing

MaxScores Technology is a proprietary analysis exclusive to My Credit Plan. It reviews your entire credit re- port for every identifiable solution to improve your FICO credit scores looking for accounts to pay down (by priority), accounts to close, leave open and use, and / or open any new loan.

360 degree Credit Analysis and Insight

Receive your complete FICO score analysis reviewing DOZENS of factors that impact your lender’s FICO credit scores. My Credit Plan grades your credit on all FICO score factors. No other score building program offers that!

Loan Qualifier Offers a Lender's Insight

My Credit Plan is one of the few consumer resources that provides your Classic FICO credit scores. These scores are used by all mortgage lenders, and most credit card and auto lenders. Since My Credit Plan provides you with this information, it also provides your possible mortgage and auto loan qualifications.

Remember, you still have to get approved through your lender.

MaxScores Technology is 3x Better than Other Programs

My Credit Plan has averaged 45 points in 45 days. The average best score improvement for My Credit Plan has been an amazing 73 points! My Credit Plan is three times better than the program (many lenders use) that only averages only a 27 point improvement. MaxScores Technology identifies many more solutions to improve your scores than other programs.