The enrollment process is very easy. It only takes about five minutes.

There are five steps for the enrollment process. These steps take you from creating an account to identifying the plan you want to use as you work towards higher credit scores.

It is recommended that every consumer update and have a complete analysis done once a year. This is a general guideline:

Credit Scores

Credit Scores How Many Times per year to Update Analysis / Credit Report
580 or Lower 4 or More
581 to 660 4
661 to 720 3 to 4
721 to 780 2 to 3
781 or Higher 2

Step 1: Account Page

The first page of the enrollment is the Account Page. You will enter the reference code from an affiliate in the “Referred by” section. Any Promotional Codes or Coupons are entered here. Promotional Codes and Coupons determine the type of pricing plan you have chosen. Failure to properly enter the correct “Referred by” code will prohibit you from establishing an account.

If you have questions here, please contact FFEF at (877) 789-4195.

A new enrollee will also enter the User Identification that is the consumers email address. A consumer must then creates a password that incorporates the following:

  1. At least 8 digits to include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols (!, @, #, $).
  2. At least one number.
  3. At least one letter is a small cap.
  4. At least one letter is a large cap.

The password must be periodically updated. You will be given an email when your password must be updated.

Step 2. Program Pricing Page

There are several points to input on this page. You choose the following:

  1. The specific Pricing Plan you want.
  2. The Amount the Borrower has to Pay Down Debt.
  3. Identifies the Entity who has Referred you to the Program.
  4. Your Primary Purpose.

You can chose from a few pricing options depending on how many updates you want for the next 12 months. Each plan is set up for the next 12 months. You can renew your program for another 12 months when you have one month left with your current plan. You will be notified of the renewal for your account when you reach the 11th month into your current program.

You also list the amount you have in resources to pay down debt over the next 60 to 90 days. Planner will then identify the best way to allocate your repayment of debt to achieve better credit score improvement.

The Program Pricing Page also identifies those who have referred you to the program and if you want additional assistance. My Credit Plan only works with certain lenders and real estate agents who have worked with My Credit Plan and are recognized as trustworthy and competent professionals in their field.

Finally, you must identify the purpose for using My Credit Plan. They are as follows:

  1. Prospective Homebuyer
  2. Debt Management / Credit Counseling
  3. Homebuyer Education
  4. Mortgage Delinquency
  5. Loss Mitigation
  6. Home Improvement
  7. Relocation Assistance
  8. Renter’s Assistance
  9. Fair Housing Assistance
  10. Homeless Counseling

Step 3. Personal Information and Authorization

The third page of enrollment involves entering your personal information. You enter the following information:

  1. Home Address
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Contact Telephone Number
  4. PIN Number
  5. Authorization
  6. Terms and Conditions

The home address is entered. The street address is entered in two separate sections. This is important to remember because it is required by the credit bureaus.

If your street address is 413 Cherry Lane, you enter it as follows:
First Address Box (House Number): 413 Second Address Box (Street Address): Cherry

The following are some additional addresses and how they should be entered in this section:

Address: 233 West 300 North
First Address Box (House Number): 233 West Second Address Box (Street Address): 300 North
Address: PO Box 320
First Address Box (House Number): PO Box Second Address Box (Street Address): 320
Address: 314 West Applegate Way #152
First Address Box (House Number): 314 West Second Address Box (Street Address): Applegate Way #152
  • The social security number is entered here. Please make sure you enter the correct social security number because it will not allow us to pull your credit report. If you enter an incorrect social security number, there is a good chance the credit report will not come through and My Credit Plan’s analysis will not be completed.
  • Since social security numbers are encrypted, no one at FFEF can correct this number. We will have to delete the account and you will have to create a new account and enter the correct social security number.
  • A telephone number is requested here so that we may contact you in case we need to provide additional assistance. Please enter a contact phone number so that we may be able to talk to you if the case arises.
  • The PIN number is entered here so that you can access and view your credit report once you log in. The PIN offers more security so that no one can view your credit report without the PIN. Do not forget this PIN number. You will be required to change the PIN number periodically.
  • The Authorization grants FFEF to pull your credit report from one of the credit service providers. This is an electronic authorization to request your credit report with your name and date of the authorization.
  • The Terms and Conditions disclose the terms for which you utilize My Credit Plan. Any prohibitive or illegal activity will allow FFEF to immediate suspend or even terminate the account from further access.

Step 4. Verification

  • The verification page asks you six questions about your credit. Correctly answering the questions to the questions on this page allows FFEF to properly validate your identification and access to My Credit Plan.
  • If you fail to properly answer these questions on this page, you will be prompted to contact FFEF at (877) 789-4195. We will then ask you several additional questions about your credit. Through your correct responses, we can allow access to your account or we may require government- issued picture identification before we can grant access to your account.
  • The credit information requested through My Credit Plan is the same information most lenders request. We are required by the credit bureaus to validate your identification. The credit information is highly sensitive and FFFE takes every effort to protect your information from improper access. For this reason, we have several steps to properly validate your identification.

Step 5. Summary Page

  • The summary page simply lists the program you have selected along with all the information you have entered. You now enter the point where you can select the method of payment.

Payment Options

You can pay through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express issued credit or debit cards.

1st Time Logged In

  • The first time you are logged in, you will go to the Overview Page. The Overview Page has the credit scores and access to your credit report. Since My Credit Plan retrieves your lender’s credit report, the credit bureaus require us to have each person provide a government-issued picture identification.
  • You can either upload it through My Credit Plan or fax it to us. You can upload your government issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or military identification card on the Overview Page. You may also fax a copy of your picture identification to (888) 333-1122.
  • This action is only required the first time you request access to your credit reports and credit scores. Subsequent requests for this information is only required when your government issued identification lapses.
  • Once your picture identification has been validated, you will have access to your credit scores and your lender’s credit report. Remember, the Overview Page requires you to input your PIN to view your credit report.
  • Your credit report can only be viewed for 30 days – as is required by FFEF’s agreement with the credit bureaus. After 30 days, you will need to request a new credit report.