My Credit Plan Is Superior

Ask ten credit counselors or even ten loan officers the same credit question, and you will get ten different and sometimes contradicting answers.

What guidance is correct?

Credit is very complicated. Through My Credit Plan, you can identify steps to improve your FICO Credit Scores. The results from My Credit Plan are far superior than any other program available to consumers.

My Credit Plan has been designed and programmed by the nation’s leading credit score expert, Al Bingham, to identify solutions for every consumer’s credit report. Mr. Bingham has appeared in or contributed to hundreds of stories nationally on credit reports and scores. He is one of the nation’s premier credit experts and has been used in many high profile credit cases. He is also the author of The Road to 850, and he consults the top educators on credit.

Experian Boost™

Experian offers Boost™ to consumers.

There are a couple of critical problems with Experian Boost.

Experian Boost only impacts Experian FICO® Scores. It does not impact your TransUnion or Equifax FICO credit scores. That’s a big problem.

Where can you go if you only have improvement in 1/3rd of the time? Not far.

More importantly, Experian only averages a 12-point score increase. My Credit Plan in 2020 averaged a 58-point increase. My Credit Plan has almost 5 times the results of Experian Boost.

12 or 58 Points Higher?

Experian Boost just puts utility payments on your credit report. This can add a relatively small improvement to your FICO Score. It can also drop your FICO scores for having too many active accounts in your credit report.

My Credit Plan is Far Superior

My Credit Plan answers the four critical questions to FICO Score improvement:

1. What Accounts to Open
2. What Accounts to Close
3. What Accounts to Keep Open and Use
4. What Accounts to Pay Down – by priority

The reason My Credit Plan has five times the better results is that it is the only credit score improvement program to answer these critical questions.