Max Scores Technology

Everyone has a credit score to offer you. Do you realize that most credit scores offered to consumers are different from your lender’s scores and are considered unreliable? What’s the purpose of following something inaccurate?

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency has warned consumers when they fined several companies a few years ago, “(These companies) ...deceived consumers about the usefulness of the credit scores they marketed.”

That’s why hundreds of thousands of consumers are so confused when they go to apply for a loan and are given a completely different set of credit scores than the ones they have been following. It is true that these unreliable scores are based on information in your credit report, but they are based on different credit criteria and different parameters in comparison to the lender’s Classic FICO scores. That is why these unreliable scores are different from the lender’s FICO scores.

My Credit Plan provides the same three Classic FICO Scores used by all mortgage lenders, and most credit card and auto lenders. You can only access these through a lender (a hard inquiry), through FICO’s website or through a credit counselor. My Credit Plan is hosted by Family Financial, a certified credit counselor.

Since My Credit Plan is managed by Family Financial, checking your report and lender’s Classic FICO Scores through My Credit Plan does not create a hard inquiry and lower your scores.

What My Credit Plan Offers You?

Ask ten loan officers or credit counselors the same credit question – “What should I do?” and you get ten different answers. Too many consumers end up even more confused. Loan officers don’t know all the steps to take to improve your FICO Scores.

My Credit Plan is designed by the one of the nation’s leading credit experts, Al Bingham, in collaboration with Family Financial. You will learn more about your credit report and FICO scores than with any other program. That is a comment heard many times from our clients.

Results do matter! The 2020 average results for My Credit Plan are far superior than any other score improvement program.

Experian Boost My Credit Plan
12 Pts 58 Points
(Experian Score only) (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion Scores)

Experian Boost only impacts Experian FICO Scores. Boost does not improve Equifax and TransUnion FICO Scores. My Credit Plan looks to improve all three Classic FICO credit scores. That’s a huge issue!

Why is My Credit Plan so successful? It uses MaxScores Technology!

MaxScores Technology (Planner)

MaxScores Technology is Amazing

Available to Gold and Affiliate Subscribers

MaxScores Technology is a proprietary analysis exclusive to My Credit Plan. It reviews your entire credit report for every identifiable solution to improve your FICO credit scores looking for the following:

1. Accounts to Pay Down (by priority)
2. Accounts to Close
3. Accounts to Close
4. Accounts to Refinance
5. Accounts to Leave Open and Use
6. Open any New Loan

When the answers to the above questions are correct, FICO scores increase. My Credit Plan is the only program that answers all of these questions.

360 degree Credit Analysis and Insight (Analyzer)

Available to Gold, Silver and Affiliate Subscribers

Most credit analysis provide a handful of factors to review.

There are almost three dozen FICO score factors. My Credit Plan provides a complete FICO score analysis reviewing all the factors that impact your lender’s FICO credit scores. My Credit Plan grades your credit on all FICO score factors. You can quickly see what issues are lowering your scores, even several ones that you’ll never be alerted to.

No other score building program offers that!

Loan Qualifier Offers a Lender's Insight (Qualifier)

Available to Gold, Silver and Affiliate Subscribers

My Credit Plan is one of the few consumer resources that provides your Classic FICO credit scores. Since My Credit Plan provides you with the same report and Classic FICO scores lenders use, My Credit Plan also provides your possible mortgage and auto loan qualifications.

You can see what improvements will do to an interest rate on your mortgage or auto loan. This is critical for the best loan for you. Lenders don’t spend the time to assist with credit score improvement unless it is simply to get your loan approved.

We want to help you qualify for the lowest rate possible for your situation. This can save you huge amounts of money!

Remember, you still have to get approved through your lender.

MaxScores Technology is 3x Better than Other Programs

My Credit Plan has averaged 58 points. My Credit Plan is three times better than the program (many lenders use) that only averages only a 27 point improvement. MaxScores Technology identifies many more solutions to improve your scores than other programs.

What about Credit Repair Companies?

Lots of promises at high costs to you with no guarantee of success.

Credit repair companies simply submit disputes to target any late payments, collections, taxes, and any other negative marks that may be on your credit. They try to dispute every negative item multiple times. What plan is that?

They charge $100’s of dollars too often without any success.

There are other (better) ways to improve your credit scores over the long term without spending hundreds on a “maybe”, “think so”, “possibly”, or “hopefully”.

My Credit Plan is the Best Option for FICO Score Improvement. Everyone is given a road map to higher scores. Create a plan that is effective with My Credit Plan.