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There have been plenty young adults, those just turning 18, with several credit profiles in their credit report. How does that happen if any 18 year old cannot take out a loan before 18 in most states?


Nate was looking to purchase his very first home sometime within the next six months. He contacted a realtor who told him to go to a lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This is a common practice, but there is a BIG PROBLEM and it is one that could easily cost you lots of money. For Nate, it cost him almost two thousand dollars because he went beyond the 90-days and he was at 719, costing him lots of money. It can easily happen to any homebuyer.


Inflation is really starting to show its ugly face in the latest housing numbers from ATTOM Data Solutions and CNBC. Home foreclosure activity surged in the last few months and is 153% higher than last year at this time. MyEListing reports that almost 15% of all renters are behind on their rent payments. There appears to be considerable trouble brewing in the housing market.