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Millions of consumers have missed payments on loans and their credit rating has taken a deep dive. The feeling is all-too-often overwhelming. Where do you start to try and rehabilitate a poor credit rating?


The last few weeks have seen some of the highest interest rates for mortgages seen in almost 15 years. Rates jumped from the low 5.00% on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage to about 6.50% before settling back closer to 6.00%. With rates jumping so much, where does the housing market go from here? There are already some signs.


Consumers are under pressure like never seen in almost 40 years. I am seeing it more and more, and it is very concerning for millions. To combat high levels of inflations, many consumers have resorted to credit card and other consumer debt trying to navigate through these record inflation rates. Every person has an opinion. What can you do more? Here are some ideas that I have helped out many others over the last 30 years.


Everyone knows a friend or two that have invested into cryptocurrency. For the last couple on years, many investors have made some money. That has all changed recently when such investments have lost lots of value. Many young investors, dreaming of early retirement, face the recent prospects of losing all their savings from recent declines in cryptocurrencies. Finances can be very brutal.