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President Biden has simply blown it with cancelling student loan debt. This is just flat out wrong and its repercussions will last for generations. I see the problems with this every day and the financial devastation it has caused. This is a real mess and it all starts with the change in the law with the Affordable Care Act. How does the law with insurance coverage impact student loans and now Biden's proposal to cancel its debt? Let me explain.


A few days ago, I did a radio interview with a nationally syndicated radio program. A question was asked about the impact as VantageScore would no longer count medical collections in their credit score. The hosts thought this would be a big change. To the surprise of the hosts, I told them, “It doesn’t matter.” Why?


Congress is on the verge of passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. In this bill, it levies over $700 billion in new taxes and increase spending over $500 billion. Then it puts $200 billion towards “Deficit Reduction.” However, there is a lot of questionable spending. Part of this legislation includes $4 Billion for “A Study on Cow Burping.”  Not joking.


Equifax® admitted to providing inaccurate FICO® Scores from March 17, to April 6, 2022 from a coding error. How did this impact you as a consumer? If you bought a home or a new car, the impact could cost you a lot of money.