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Over the last 18 months, interest rates have taken a hard hike higher evaporating the dreams of many. The question is asked, when will interest rates decline? There are some indicators to give everyone some ideas.


Everyone wants to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage when they purchase or refinance a home. Many consumers think a minimum 720 credit score will qualify them for the lowest interest rate. More savvy consumers realize that that credit score requirement is 740. Now that number is being raised to 780 for the most popular mortgage loans. There are a few other new criteria in order to get the lowest interest rate. What does this mean for prospective home buyers and those looking to refinance their mortgage? Things are changing!


Nate was looking to purchase his very first home sometime within the next six months. He contacted a realtor who told him to go to a lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This is a common practice, but there is a BIG PROBLEM and it is one that could easily cost you lots of money. For Nate, it cost him almost two thousand dollars because he went beyond the 90-days and he was at 719, costing him lots of money. It can easily happen to any homebuyer.


When shopping for a home, your realtor will tell you to go get qualified. This could be a mistake, depending how long it takes you to find a house. Mortgage loan officers never discuss this with new borrowers. But, it is something that can come back and cost you a lot of money.