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More and more consumers are realizing that their credit impacts their insurance premiums on auto, home, life, and renter’s insurance. However, most consumers do not know how insurance companies utilize credit for their analysis. This is where you can save some money if you do some follow up.

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Millions of consumers have been surprised to pull up their credit report and find a collection from a doctor showing up on their credit report. In a historic change, many of these past due bills will no longer show up on a credit report.


We put together a series of questions for students at a couple of universities. 56% of students said they have what they would consider having an above average knowledge about their credit scores. However, after completing this short questionnaire, the percentage of those that answered correctly was 28%. That is not above average. Want to try the questionnaire, here it is -


There is one way lenders make more interest on you and it can cost you lots of money - even if you make extra principal payments.