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The on-again, off-again Biden student loan forgiveness plan is truly on the rocks. Even with the several issues putting the proposal to a halt, there is an additional not-so-distant problem for Biden’s proposal that has not been brought to light. With this upcoming issue on the horizon, the Biden’ student loan forgiveness proposal is in serious jeopardy of ever being implemented. The Biden administration just hasn't admitted to the facts. If you are waiting for the final decision on the student loan debt, what should you do?


Many times I hear consumers say that they need to have a certain number of credit cards to “build their credit scores.” Credit cards can both build, but also drop your credit scores. What is a good mix of credit cards you should have?

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Over the last three months, first time homebuyers have canceled new construction contracts, have canceled existing home contracts and basically no longer engaged in purchasing a home. They are MIA. It has gone from bad to worse with rates jumping so high. When are the first time homebuyers going to come back?