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Jason pulled his FICO® score from It said 604. He showed that score to his real estate agent as he started looking for a house and she told Jason that he needed to improve his credit score before he could purchase a home. She referred him to a loan officer who helped consumers raise their FICO Scores. The loan officer then pulled his Experian FICO Score and it was 690. What!?!?!


Interest rates have dropped further over the last few weeks to all-time lows to the surprise of many. As a result, home purchasing power for many prospective home buyers has increased substantially since the beginning of 2020. This is one positive from the market chaos created from the coronavirus.

What a week for interest rates! Rates have taken a wild ride lower over the last several months. This week however, rates have broken through new lows. The 10 year treasury bond hit historical lows on Friday, February 28 at 1.13%. This historical rate drop gives a generational opportunity for many homeowners to lower their monthly payments. What opportunity is there for consumers? Let’s take a look.