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My Credit Plan is the nation's leading FICO® Score improvement program with an average score improvement of 73 points! If you want to increase your FICO scores, set up an account today and start your credit score journey to higher levels! There is a minimal charge for services. My Credit Plan and its blog is operated by Family Financial Education Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit credit counseling agency. This blog offers many unique insights from direct research. My Credit Plan's blog and website are designed to help you find the correct answers to many of your questions, explain why, correct misinformation, and identify solutions to improve your FICO scores. Let’s go! (Information referenced on this blog must be sourced.)


David increased his FICO score 85 points from 711 to 796 in just 23 days while refinancing his mortgage. This increase saved him $2,909 on his refinance. How did he do it? 


David increased his FICO score 85 points in just 23 days while refinancing his mortgage. This increase saved him $2,909 on his refinance. How did he do it? 


Future Dates of Importance 

One of the critical features of My Credit Plan is that it identifies futures dates when certain information is schedule to drop from your credit report. David saw in My Credit Plan that a past public record was scheduled to drop from his credit report the following month. He was in the middle of refinancing his mortgage. As a result, he waited a couple of weeks for the updated credit report. 


He checked his FICO scores in My Credit Plan after those couple of weeks had passed and saw that his three FICO scores had all increased substantially. The FICO score used by his mortgage lender went from 711 to 796.  


He called his mortgage lender and gave him the great news. His mortgage lender repulled his scores and saw the 796 score. As a result of this information provided by My Credit Plan, David was able to save $2,909 on his refinance.   


My Credit Plan provides a lot of tools to help you identify ways to increase your FICO scores. One of the great programs is Future Dates of Importance. My Credit Plan will email you with a notice to check your scores when that month arrives. In David’s case, this saved him thousands.  


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