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Knowing the difference between a credit suggestion and a credit solution can save you a lot of money. It can mean the difference between a credit score increase say 3 or 4 points, while a credit score solution can increase your scores at least 30 to 40 points in most situations.

There are a lot of credit suggestions - but very few FICO score solutions. This is critical to know when trying to increase your credit scores.

Ask ten experienced credit counselors, or loan officers, the same credit score question – and you get 10 different suggestions. Others such as Experian Boost include your utility payments while others encourage you to open a new loan – but they only get minimal results.

Why?  They are all suggestions – not solutions to raise your FICO Scores. They never look at your credit history and identify items to change on your credit report to get higher FICO scores. They throw continually mud at the wall by encouraging every consumer to do the same thing.

There are three signs of credit suggestions:

  1. Never analyze your entire credit report and history.
  2. Apply the same strategy to every consumer.
  3. Little-to-no follow up or review of the results

Credit suggestions are not accurate for many (if not most) situations. Over time following such credit suggestions your scores will  increase a few points within a few months or even a year. We can see that everyone can give credit suggestions –

On the other hand, credit solutions are more detailed and they are specifically accurate for that person. They identify specific steps to take to improve your FIOCO Scores. They include the following three points:

  1. Full credit report analysis on all of the following; Types of accounts, lenders, balances, the time accounts have been established, payment history, inquiries, credit limits and initial loan amounts, accounts opened and closed.
  2. Establish tailored strategies to your personal credit file. Identify what accounts to open and close, what accounts to use and pay down.
  3. Provide a mechanism to follow up and identify your progress.

There are very few that can give you authentic credit solutions. You want scores to increase today, not in a year or two.

That is why My Credit Plan has great success compared to Experian Boost® (a 12-point average) and other “So-called” credit building offers (27 point average). My Credit Plan is the nation’s leading credit score solutions program with an  81 point average.

You now see why My Credit Plan does so well - it offers credit score solutions.

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