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Why are those credit scores online different from the ones used by your lenders? 

Here is a very good CNBC story with Sarah O'Brien outlining the problem of following those "Free credit scores" online and how they mislead consumers and are unreliable. These scores are generated from a different program than the scoring system used by lenders for loan approval. 


From "Don't be surprised if that credit score you see is not what the lender actually uses."

Earlier this year, pharmacy technician Curtis Webb thought his credit score was high enough to help him snag good terms on a mortgage.
“It was close to 730. I thought it would help me get a good interest rate,” said Webb, 28, a Utah resident.
“Then the lender came back with my actual score,” he said. “I was shocked.”
The underwriter had checked Webb’s “classic” FICO score, which was more than 40 points lower than the score he’d been monitoring online. The lower score meant a higher interest rate, making the loan a more expensive prospect.

To read the rest of this article from Sarah O'Brien at CNBC, please click - or copy and paste - on the following link.

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