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Can You Check Your Lender’s Credit Scores for Free?

In short, the answer is “No” –

Why do you have to pay some company to get your credit scores used by lenders?

It is the difference between lender’s credit scores and credit scores marketed all over the internet. I’ll explain.

There are dozens of websites to check some numerical generated three-digit number called a credit score – for free. However, these scores are based on different information in your credit report and calculated differently that the Classic FICO Scores most often used by lenders. These consumer-based credit scores are not used for your loan approval – in essence, they are not valued by lenders! Go to Capital One, Credit Karma, Credit Seseme, or any other website offering “Free” Credit Scores.

Don’t be fooled. These so-called credit scores offered ARE DIFFERENT and they have no impact to your loan approval by lenders – even to Capital One and other lenders who offer these "Consumer credit scores". Many lenders offer you a consumer-score to track – and then use a completely different lender-based credit score for your loan approval. In the industry, they are known as Vantage scores and consumer-based FICO scores. 

They are called “Consumer credit scores”.On the other hand, lender’s credit scores are different. There are only a couple of places you can get the same credit scores use by lenders for most loans – and they are not free. There is a value to these scores and the companies know that. So, they charge you to know them.

Why do they offer you these "Consumer credit scores"? They want you to think they are offering you something of value -- when in actuality, they are not. It would cost the lenders a lot of money to provide you the real lender's FICO Scores.

To get all three lender-based FICO scores, you must go to or here through My Credit Plan. With My Credit Plan, it can give you solutions to improve them.

Don’t you want accurate credit scores?

Get the same credit scores as lenders use for mortgage, auto loans and credit card approvals – at My Credit Plan.

To get the correct lender credit scores, you’ll have to pay for them. Remember, if something is for free, most consumers will discount that product as less valuable. You should not follow them either. 

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