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In 2019, Experian started to allow the payment history from electric, cable and gas utility companies to be included in the Experian credit reports for many consumers. Many have taken this opportunity in hopes of improving their FICO scores. How are the results? Let’s look.


Experian’s Boost


Experian’s Boost program has a 12-point average improvement for 60% of those enrolled. A 12-point improvement could save a consumer as much as $1,500 on a $300,000 (5% down 30 year fixed-rate mortgage) – or it could mean nothing for a mortgage applicant. It just depends on what the final improved score is in relation to the initial score.

Since mortgage fees and interest rates are determined in 20-point increments, a 12-point improvement from 675 to a 687 score could mean an initial savings of $1,500 on a $300,000 mortgage. However, an improvement from 687 to 699 will mean no savings to the consumer. The changes to mortgage (and most auto, credit card and other loans) rates and fees are at the following scores: 600, 620, 640, 660, 680, 700, 720, 740, and 760.


The Problem with Experian’s Boost


Even with so-so results of 12 points for 60% of their clients, the biggest problem Experian does not tell consumers, is THE IMPACT TO FICO SCORES FROM EXPERIAN’S BOOST PRORGAM IS ONLY TO THE EXPERIAN FICO®SCORES. 


Since mortgage lenders use all three FICO scores, the impact of improving only 1 of the 3 FICO score greatly diminishes the score improvement and dilutes the possibilities of mortgage (and other loan and insurance) savings for you as a consumer. 

Breaking down Experian’s Boost statistically, the possibility for consumers to see an improvement will only help 12% of all consumers. Even though it is free, Boost is not a stellar FICO score improvement program. 


Experian’s Boost vs. My Credit Plan


My Credit Plan has a score improvement of 44 points within 45 days! 

Plus, My Credit Plan improves the 3 FICO scores – Experian FICO Score, Equifax™FICO Score and TransUnion™FICO Score. 


My Credit Plan Performs 11x Better (on average)


Statistically speaking, My Credit Plan outperforms Experian Boost with a success rate that is 11 times better. Even though there is a minimal cost less than $200 for the first 3 months, the savings is much greater. My Credit Plan could save the same the average mortgage applicant as much as $6,000 (compared to $1,500 for Experian’s Boost) on a $300,000 mortgage. 

Results easily identify the best FICO score improvement program: My Credit Plan

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