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Averaging a Whopping 56 Points Higher in 2020!

Through the end of July, My Credit Plan has seen an average 56 point improvement for those who are working through My Credit Plan for at least 30 days. 56 points! How does that compare to other programs?

12 Points or 56 Points Higher? Which is Better; Experian’s Boost or FFEF’s My Credit Plan?

Experian Boost


If you want 12 credit score points higher on Boost, go to Experian. 12 points that’s all?!?! In fact, only 60% of such consumers enrolled into Experian Boost see a FICO Score improvement. Even more troubling, the score improvement through Boost is only for Experian FICO Scores, not for TransUnion or Equifax FICO Scores! That’s no real score improvement!


If you want a better result, My Credit Plan has averaged a 56 point increase for those enrolled in 2020 – and that average is for Equifax FICO Scores, Experian FICO Scores and TransUnion FICO Scores. It is by far the leading FICO Score improvement program in the country. 


Experian Boost falls substantially short of the extraordinary results found with


Why’s that?


Boost vs My Credit Plan


Boost advertises that you can get the things you ant by increasing your FICO Score (Experian only) through Boost. But, adding a utility payment to your credit report is not going to substantially alter your FICO Scores. In fact, it will do nothing at all in many cases.


My Credit Plan is a substantially different program from Boost that adds many more opportunities for you to improve your FICO Scores. It identifies accounts that are lowering your scores through the wrong types of lenders, incorrect mixture of accounts, and excessive loan balances. 


It also identifies accounts that are building your FICO Scores and give you direction to manage them. They are called, “Golden Accounts.”


Boost is free. And that is what consumers get with being free. No real value. 


My Credit Plan has a small cost. But the rewards are much greater and more profound than Boost.

My Credit Plan


My Credit Plan has many compelling stories in 2020. Tom started out the new year at 592. He stands at 637 today. Zac opened a MCP account in mid-January. Zac was at 487. Today, he is at 610 - an incredible 123 points higher. Melvin had a 538 FICo score in mid-March. Today, he is at 727 - a 189 increase. Angela had a 542 score in May. In August, she is at 600 - a 58 point increase. Jason had a 539 FICO score the end of June. Just 8 weeks later his FICo score has improved to 597.

"My Credit Plan is so helpful and gives me accurate information to help me improve my FICO scores. I am so excited! Tried so many other programs with no awesome!" said Heather. 


Start with My Credit Plan today. Click on “Get Started” at the top of this page. 

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