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My Credit Plan is the nation's leading FICO® Score improvement program with an average score improvement of 73 points! If you want to increase your FICO scores, set up an account today and start your credit score journey to higher levels! There is a minimal charge for services. My Credit Plan and its blog is operated by Family Financial Education Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit credit counseling agency. This blog offers many unique insights from direct research. My Credit Plan's blog and website are designed to help you find the correct answers to many of your questions, explain why, correct misinformation, and identify solutions to improve your FICO scores. Let’s go! (Information referenced on this blog must be sourced.)

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2020 has seen strong results for new clients of My Credit Plan (MCP). Average score improvement for those enrolled during the first quarter of 2020 (from January 1 to March 31) is 29 FICO points higher. This continues to lead Experian’s Boost (12 points average increase) and Creditxpert (27 points point increase). 


The increases for our new MCP clients have been quite impressive. 42% of new 2020 MCP clients have seen FICO score increase of at least 30 points and 17% of had increases over 50 points! With all the financial challenges that many are facing, the results are outstanding. As long as everyone enrolled into My Credit Plan follow the solutions given, the FICO scores will continue to climb. Keep going higher!


2019 Clients See Tremendous Improvement


My Credit Plan's clients from 2019 have seen an average of 61-point increase. 67% of clients in 2019 have seen at least a 30-point increase. 45% have seen over a 50-point increase.


Average FICO score improvement for all clients including those enrolled into My Credit Plan prior to 2019 is 80 points. 


We congratulate all our clients for their successes and are anxious to see continued success with FICO scores working through My Credit Plan. We look forward to many new clients. You will many more solutions not offered anywhere else to higher FICO scores. 

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