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My Credit Plan is the nation's leading FICO® Score improvement program with an average score improvement of 73 points! If you want to increase your FICO scores, set up an account today and start your credit score journey to higher levels! There is a minimal charge for services. My Credit Plan and its blog is operated by Family Financial Education Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit credit counseling agency. This blog offers many unique insights from direct research. My Credit Plan's blog and website are designed to help you find the correct answers to many of your questions, explain why, correct misinformation, and identify solutions to improve your FICO scores. Let’s go! (Information referenced on this blog must be sourced.)

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My Credit Plan has released its 2019 results – and shows phenomenal success. The average FICO® score increased 53 points for those who enrolled into My Credit Plan during 2019 – which means an improvement between 2 to 3 grades better in mortgage and auto loan terms. That is a lot of money saved.


2019 Results for My Credit Plan


The 2019 clients enrolled into My Credit Plan showed tremendous results throughout. Here is additional results for those who achieved a 30 point improvement, a 50 point improvement and a 100 point improvement:

  • 30 Point Improvement             63%
  • 50 Point Improvement             44%
  • 100 Point Improvement            13%

Statistically speaking, My Credit Plan is vastly outperforming Experian Boost with a success rate that is  4 and a half times better. 


Why are My Credit Plan’s Results Better?


It comes down to one issue: many more solutions.

Experian Boost™ simply adds a utility account to your Experian credit report to possibly improve your Experian Classic FICO score a few points. Experian Boost does nothing to your TransUnion or Equifax FICO Scores. 

Credit Assured™– who many lenders use - just looks to possibly pay down an account here or there. It does nothing more.

My Credit Plan adds additional options of what accounts to keep open, what account to close, what accounts to refinance, what accounts to use. It also identifies more options to pay down than Credit Assured.

On average, you get better results when you have 2 to 3 times more solutions. That is why My Credit Plan has had better results.

Even though there is a minimal cost that generally runs less than $150 for the first 3 months, the savings is usually much greater. 

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