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2021 saw record numbers for My Credit Plan – active users averaged an incredible 81 point score improvement. That surpasses any and every other program by almost 70 points.

The score improvement is across the board. April had the highest score improvement of 168 points from 454 to 622 in just over four months. April opened her account with My Credit Plan in February 2021, and saw her score jump 150 points from 606 to 756.

How did They do it?

April was working with several student loans and a few collections. She also had to open a new account with a particular credit card company. Remember, certain credit card companies will generate higher credit scores than other credit card companies. My Credit Plan told her which credit card and she has been able to maximize her credit scores.  Her credit report looks so much better today than what she had back in early 2021.

Cory said, “My Credit Plan showed me everything I had to do to raise my scores. It is the easiest program to follow. It’s great!” He improved his scores, one going from 618 to 704.

What are Your Goals for 2022?

Do you want to improve your FICO Scores - towards 800?  Start today. You want to save thousands on higher payments? It is worth it to raise your scores. Let’s do it.

Scan the QR Code to create an account with My Credit Plan and start today.

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